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Copy chain colors

Here is Python code defining a command “copycolors” that copies ribbon colors from one set of chains to another set of chains with matching chain ids. Only the target ribbons are colored, not the atoms. Jacob Andersen asked how to do this. Open the Python code to define the command


then use the command on two structures

open 6s8e 6s6b
copycolors #1 to #2
preset cylinder
tile #1,2 column 2 spacing 1

Here is the code:

# Add command "copycolors" that copies ribbon colors from one set of chains to another
# by matching chain ids.
# copycolors #1 to #2
def copy_chain_colors(session, from_atoms, to_atoms = None):

    from_res = from_atoms.residues
    # Don't use non-polymer residue colors
    from chimerax.atomic import Residue
    from_res = from_res[from_res.polymer_types != Residue.PT_NONE]
    chain_colors = {cid:color for cid,color in zip(from_res.chain_ids, from_res.ribbon_colors)}

    for s, s_to_atoms in to_atoms.by_structure:
        for cid in set(s_to_atoms.chain_ids):
            if cid in chain_colors:
                from chimerax.core.commands import run
                from chimerax.core.colors import hex_color
                run(session, 'color #%s/%s %s ribbon'
                    % (s.id_string, cid, hex_color(chain_colors[cid])))

def register_command(session):
    from chimerax.core.commands import CmdDesc, register, FloatArg, BoolArg
    from chimerax.atomic import AtomsArg
    desc = CmdDesc(required= [('from_atoms', AtomsArg)],
                   keyword = [('to_atoms', AtomsArg)],
                   required_arguments = ['to_atoms'],
                   synopsis = 'copy ribbon colors for chains')
    register('copycolors', desc, copy_chain_colors, logger=session.logger)


Tom Goddard, January 14, 2022